About Us

Who We Are & What We Do:

We are the Con Artists – a group of friends dedicated to bringing you the best and worst in anime and video games. For the last several years, we have been presenting at RPI’s annual convention, Genericon (R.I.P (╯︵╰,)). We have compiled our prior videos, reviews, and other ramblings here on the site and we hope that you will enjoy them. We are also producing a series of podcasts discussing animation, video games, pop-culture and so on. Welcome to the site!

Our Crew:

Captain Scott leads the Con Artists in their mission to save Earth from the tyranny of bad entertainment.  Filler, bad mechanics, and nonsense of all kinds beware, he will pursue you as long as it takes and expose your evil to the world! Read more…

Sushma is the Lieutenant of the Lupin III airship and fights alongside her fellow Con Artists to prevent the masses from watching trashy fan service laden anime, and steer them to path of fabulous plot/character development. Read more…

Dan acts as the Con Artists’ Quartermaster, doing his best to keep everything ship-shape. He enjoys skewering bad anime and games almost as much as he enjoys actually finding good stuff to watch. Read more…

Brendan is the Con Artists’ laid back Cabin Boy, who wants to encourage people to slow down and appreciate simple anime done well as an alternative to shows whose enticing busyness is naught but sound and fury. Read more…

Our History:

  • 2008 – The Con Artists were first formed in 2008, though we would not take on that name until 2011. We began with Scott, Ian and Sam; three friends working with the staff of the 21st Genericon. Their premier panel featured rapid-fire take-downs of nearly a dozen terrible games, with attendees crammed into a tiny lecture hall in the far-flung reaches of the con space.

  • 2009 – Sushma joins the party!

  • 2011 – Dan and Brendan join the party!

As the team changed, so did our style of presentation. We slimmed down from three or more shows/games per person to one or two. This streamlined our workload, and gave us much more time to dig into both the good and bad material we wanted to show off. Our panels have become some of the most popular attractions at Genericon, and we look forward to providing fun and entertaining commentary for many years to come!

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