Here you can find links to sites and content that we find entertaining, informative or thought-provoking. We would also like to thank those who have mentioned or linked to us on their own sites.

People who have mentioned/linked to us

Erin Finnegan of ANN’s Shelf Life
Jamaal Ryan of Power Up Gaming
Omar and Noel of
Yahari Bento!!
Terrance Crow
Drunken Anime Blog

Things we think are cool

Anime News Network (ANN)
My Anime List
Extra Credits
Miracle of Sound (Gavin Dunne)

Where to watch


4 comments on “Links

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  2. Do you mind if I want to exchange link with this blog? 😀
    My blog link is…

    ps. I will paste your blog link in “Sushi Roll” page.


  3. Sure!!! Go for it. We will link you in the “Links” section.

    Thanks!! 😀

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