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“Well I’m a beautiful Kouka girl on the inside!” – Kageki Shoujo!!


Kageki Shoujo!! is a wonderful show. Despite its title image appearance & description, it’s a show that’s about so much more than just “girls at a Performing Arts academy”. It’s a fantastic drama about well realized individuals and it drew me deep into the world of theater. The characters in this show deal with some tough issues; one of which being an eating disorder. As Ayako Yamada is in the pit of despair, Onodera-sensei comes to see her in the dormitories and remind her of her talents. It’s a very touching scene and despite the serious material on display, I found this one line from Onodera-sensei to be hilarious. “Listen Dorm-Mom. You can’t kick me out of this “ladies-only” area. I AM a Kouka girl on the inside!”