Review Guidelines

In this section we’ll give you a brief overview of how everyone’s reviews work.  Each member of the Con Artists delivers his/her own style, so if you’re unsure of where any of us stands, please take a look below.

Captain Scott

I don’t really use a rating system, preferring instead to let my reviews do the talking.  In many cases, I feel that there are too many aspects to games or shows to try and fit everything into one value.  That said, I will usually end with a sentence or two on whether I would recommend the show or not, and why.

Lieutenant Sushma

I use a five tier Likert Scale method:

Recommended – You should watch this show. It may still have flaws that I discuss in my review, but overall it’s something you should invest your time in.

Consider – You should watch this…maybe. There may be items in here that are dealbreakers. I either overlooked these dealbreakers due to my own bias or I don’t find them that big of a deal. Your mileage may vary due to your personal taste here.

Mediocre – This show/movie falls in the middle.  It’s not bad enough to get the bottom two scores, but it’s got too many dull elements to earn the top two scores.  You can decide if this looks like it might pique your interest.

Not Recommended – Don’t watch this show. It just isn’t worth your time and energy.

Terrible – The coveted rating is for the “seriously don’t touch this with a 10 foot pole while wearing a biohazard suit” shows/movies. This show is likely offensive on top of being terrible. Avoid this.

Quartermaster Dan

My rating system is fairly simple. Following the full review, I give a final verdict:

Strongly Recommended – This show is exceptional and should be seen right away.

Recommended – The show is worth your time.

Undecided – The show is mediocre, or did not make a strong impression.

Not Recommended – I did not enjoy the show.

Avoid At All Costs – Reserved for shows that are exceptional bad or offensive.

These are fairly broad categories, so please use them only as general guidelines. I also offer a few significant pros and cons to sum up the show’s strengths and weaknesses. The same system applies to any games I rate as well.

Cabin Boy Brendan

Coming Sometime in the Future…

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