Captain Scott

Profile: ScottCaptain Scott leads the Con Artists in their mission to save Earth from the tyranny of bad entertainment.  Filler, bad mechanics, and nonsense of all kinds beware, he will pursue you as long as it takes and expose your evil to the world!

In anime, my favorite genres tend to be science fiction and fantasy, with some giant robot shows for good measure. That said, there’s very little that I won’t watch; pretty much only sports and horror get the boot. Of the Con Artists, I’m the one most likely to go digging into the past or into obscure titles to find a gem hidden by time or lack of popularity. A show’s animation quality is never off-putting to me if the story it’s telling is interesting or at least different. To me, the $5 bargain bin at a con is a potential treasure trove, full of stuff I’ve never heard of, but am willing to give a shot.

In games, I love me some JRPGs, TRPGs, Action RPGs, building/crafting games, roguelikes, and turn-based strategy. Shmups, western RPGs, platformers, and survival horror come in next, followed by puzzle games, point and click adventures, and RTS. At the bottom of my list are sports and simulation games; never really got into them. While it’s not really a genre, I never found an MMO to stick with, though I’ve certainly tried plenty. I also have a particular love of free online Flash/Unity games, and I’ve played many and found quite a few amazing gems out there.

In terms of what I look for in a game or an anime, worldbuilding is at the top of my list. It’s important for a world to be consistent and play by the rules it’s established, but what really elevates something is when that world is also unique and deep. I’m also a sucker for a well-done military theme, particularly something that at least acknowledges the logistical side of things. Finding a show/game with characters that aren’t just clichés is cause for celebration. Finally, on the scale of tone from comedy to serious, I tend a little more towards serious.

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