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Rolling Review – The Promised Neverland S2 – Episode 11

Episode Synopsis

The moment of glory is at hand. The kids and the sisters choose to go through the door to the human world and live out their lives in peace. Emma and Co. stay behind to perform one last duty before joining them.


Well friends…this is it….

This is where narrative comes to die a horrible, flaming death. There aren’t words to truly describe how terrible this final episode is. The show gives some rapid fire reasoning for how William Minerva came about, and then Peter Ratri kills himself. Do we care?!

No, of course not.

Nobody caaaarrreessss

To add an insane level of insult that is Episode 11, Isabella is forgiven instantaneously. Remember how she was a complicated villain, who sold kids to the market because the system had turned her into a monster? How we could have debated all day about whether or not she was a twisted antagonist or a tragic figure in Season 1?! Naaahhhh forget all that.

I know Isabella…I remember when you had nuance too…

She loves these kids and that whole selling them for meat thing…

Who’s the cutest little soon-to-be meat pie?!?!

Forgiven! We gotta wrap this puppy up! Songs on a hilltop anyone?!

♪ The hiiiilllls are aliiiive, with the sound of faaaiiillluuurrreee ♪

The kids and the sisters immediately get to the human world, and everything is hunky-dory in an instant. The fact that a bunch of the kids get to go to New York City and are somehow instantly accepted (they have smartphones now…wooooo) is actually not the worst part of this shit-show of a final episode. No no friends…there’s something so…much…better…

Yaaaaay the show is over!! Thank goodness we don’t have to star in this garbage anymore!

The episode has the nerve to show a quick cutaway to the Queen of the Demons and her multicolored lackies. Seriously?! There’s going to be more conflict here is the final episode.

What was the point of this stupid scene?!?!?


…gasp…Emma and the gang stayed in the demon world to change the entire system. There’s a GODDAMN MONTAGE where Emma and company overthrow the current system, talk to a space dragon, and make Mujika the new Queen of the Demons. All of this happens in a span of…maybe a few years…

What the sweet crispy f*&k is happening here?!?!

And then everyone gets to come together for a happy ending.

This season is complete and utter garbage, and I feel unbelievably sorry for Kaiu Shirai (Author), Posuka Demizu (Illustrator). CloverWorks…did you just…hate this show and decide to burn it to the ground?! Did somebody in upper management think this show couldn’t survive popularity for more seasons because the manga had come to a close?! What the HELL happened here?!

If you decided to wait a while after hearing about the show going downhill before watching it, I’m here to tell you. Stay the heck away from this dumpster fire.


I am so angry I could cry. I’d cry if I wasn’t so angry. Are you confused?! Guess what? So am I. There’s nothing to see here. Move along…


2 comments on “Rolling Review – The Promised Neverland S2 – Episode 11

  1. This one was dreadful and full of so many poor narrative choices. Just disappointing.


    • I am in awe of how terrible the whole season was. It’s just so sad how something with this interesting of a premise got ripped to shreds here in Season 2.


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