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Rolling Review – The Promised Neverland S2 – Episode 10

Episode Synopsis:

The kids enact their combined rescue/escape plan, gathering all of the children in the Farms and attempting to make it to the gate that connects the human and demon worlds.  Various twists and double-crosses delay this plan, but by the end of the episode things seem to be on track.  Also, the kids recover some canned food (probably more lemon wedges)!

Episode Review:

This show, you guys.  It’s so bad.  It’s SO bad. The plot this episode is entirely double-crosses and plot points that make no sense.  Let’s start with the double-crosses and twists.  First up, we’ve got this guy.

First you’re led to believe he’s double-crossing the kids, but then it’s revealed it’s a DOUBLE double cross, as he’s working with them and against Peter Ratri.

This Saturday morning cartoon villain of a character

Later in the episode, the kids attack the farms using hot air balloons, but they’re swiftly shot down, but in a twist no one could have seen coming, there’s no one in the balloons!  They’re a decoy… for the people in the balloons right behind those balloons, but which by pure chance weren’t shot down.  What a twist?  Then the kids get to the elevator that leads to the gate.  But in another twist, Peter Ratri saw this coming, and has Isabella and another 20 maids wielding submachine guns waiting for them.

But then, in another double-cross, Isabella turns on Peter!

But then, another twist!  Peter saw this coming too, and demon reinforcements are on the way.

This Saturday morning cartoon villain of a character

But THEN, in a twist that’s also a double-cross, the reinforcements stand aside as the nearby citizens flood in to attack Peter and save the kids.

I’m exhausted.  That’s like four double-crosses and three different twists, all of them stupid and unexplained.  For example… when did Isabella become Grandma?

Somewhere offscreen of course, no time to explain anything… but why?  I guess even in fictional organizations like this one, you fail upwards?

Then there’s the kids’ plan.  Which relies on having dozens of functional hot air balloons, using a fuel source that the demons don’t use, by people that have been just barely finding enough food to eat, and certainly have no training at all in hot air balloon operation.  Well, that plan will never-


I sort of knew this show wasn’t going to have the kind of solid grounding that Season 1 did ever since the kids were randomly attacked in their shelter by human military forces, and just as rapidly rescued by a chance giant monster attack… but a plot this brazenly ridiculous still took me by surprise.

I could cover other points that make no sense: that the demon citizenry are happy to help kids that they considered a tasty delicacy not an hour ago, and who also tried (and in many cases succeeded) to kill them and their families.  That the hot air balloon plan relied on being able to guide the decoy balloons from behind the manned balloons, making it more ridiculous than it already was.   That it’s increasingly silly for the demons to rely exclusively on archaic weapons, for example when they need to use them for air defense.

That someone thought it was a good idea to give all of the humans submachine guns.  That the Lambda disease might have been cured this episode in a wordless 20 second montage that involved picking herbs.  That the kids have bows and arrows, but can also hack using laptop computers. Which they also have somehow.

But you know what?  I’m too tired to even care any more.  I just want this season to be over so I can start forgetting it ever happened, and return to the days when I thought of The Promised Neverland as a well-written, interesting, and sharply plotted show.

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