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Millenium Actress Arrives on Youtube


Satoshi Kon’s gorgeous animated feature, Millennium Actress, is now available to watch on Youtube courtesy of the Paramount Vault. It’s the story of a retired actress recounting her life and work to an interviewer, focusing on her search for a man she met in her youth and the films her longing inspired. With amazing visuals and a tale that weaves in and out of the characters’ imaginations, it’s a must-see for fans of animation and unconventional storytelling.

We Con Artists are big fans of the movie, so much so that Scott presented it at Genericon XXVII. It’s encouraging to see the film become available to a wider audience, especially since it has not been picked up by any of the major streaming sites.

We definitely suggest you check out Millennium Actress on Youtube. If you’re interested in other work by Satoshi Kon, you can enjoy the mind-bending Paprika, the hilarious Tokyo Godfathers, and the unsettling Perfect Blue (which I’ve previously reviewed here). The films aren’t as readily available as those of Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli, but they’re well worth your time to rent or buy on DVD.

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