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Ambition: A Minuet in Power by the Joy Manufacturing Co.

The Joy Manufacturing Co., good friends of the Con Artists, are putting together a game called Ambition: A Minuet in Power. Set in Paris during the period surrounding the French Revolution, Ambition casts the player as Yvette; a young woman abandoned by her sweetheart who resolves to flatter, scheme and seduce her way to the heights of nobility. By attending parties, mingling with society and hiring the right people, you can manipulate the various factions of Paris to your own ends. However, the Revolution is growing in power, and depending on her choices, Yvette stands to gain great wealth and influence, or lose it all… along with her head.

If any of this sounds interesting, please support Ambition: A Minuet in Power on Kickstarter and share the links below with your friends. On behalf of the Con Artists and our friends at the Joy Manufacturing Co., thanks for reading!


Genericon XXX (2017) Debrief

Hi everyone! Another Genericon has come and gone, and we had a great time this year. Thanks to all of the staff and volunteers who made the con possible, and the RPI Student Union for supporting the event. And of course, a great big thank you to everyone who came out to see us. You folks always make the work we put in worthwhile.

The anime we presented this year is listed below so you can follow up at your leisure. If you have any questions or thoughts on the series, leave a comment or contact us directly.

Good Anime:

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet (2014)

Suisei no Gargantia Ep 8 -_00019.jpg

Scott – A spaceman soldier fighting an endless war of extermination falls through a wormhole during battle and ends up on Earth, long ago abandoned to an ice age.  Now warmer and completely covered in water, the planet is still home to humanity, which lives on large fleets of connected ships in a largely peaceful existence.  The wayward warrior attempts to adapt to this completely foreign world and culture, but he won’t be alone, as the people of Earth will be there to help him, and the AI assistant built into his super-advanced giant robot is always ready to offer advice.

Find it on Crunchyroll.

Noragami / Noragami Aragoto (2014-2015)

Image result for noragami

Su – Noragami takes you in the world of Japanese gods but adds style and a touch of heart to create a well crafted tale.  It constructs the world of the gods much like the world of humans, thusly allowsing you the viewer to relate to everyone on screen to some degree.   It also brings about a novel idea wherin gods may be suffering because we as humans cause them pain.  It tells a story of a lesser known God (Yato) running from his sad past, and forging a way to his (hopefully) glory filled future.  Add in a splash of humor, rad background music, gorgeous visuals (hellz yeah Studio Bones!). and a great cast and you have yourself an awesome show.

Catch it all on Hulu!

Macross Plus (1994)


Dan – For any fan or newcomer to the Macross saga, Macross Plus has a lot to offer. Fantastic transforming fighter battles, a bold futuristic score and breathtaking visuals play out over both the OVA version and the feature-length movie. Grab either version (or maybe both) and enjoy an action-drama quite ahead of its time.

Bad Anime:

Please note that the Con Artists in no way recommend watching these shows. They’re presented here for informational purposes only. Seriously, run while you can. Save yourselves!

Blade & Soul (2014-2015)

Blade and Soul Episode 1100091.jpg

Scott – This awful show is probably the worst way I can imagine to try and drum up interest in the Korean MMO it’s based off.  From the terrible visuals to the stupid characters to the nonsensical plot, no part of it is worth your time.  See! a story where the main villain dies halfway through, so they just resurrect her so there’ll be a final conflict at all.  Watch! as characters change their motivations, allegiances, and animation quality without warning.  Be amazed! at the sheer magnitude of unnecessary sideplots and filler episodes that culminate in an impressively rushed finish.  Blade & Soul has all this… and MORE!

Avoid it if at all possible! on Crunchyroll.

 Glasslip (2014)

Image result for glasslip

Su – Oh Glasslip…why you gotta be so bad?  Glasslip tells us the story of a summer starring six high schoolers who accomplish…absolutely nothing.  Since this is a slice of life show I wasn’t expecting a brilliant narrative but sweet Jehesus was I not expecting everyone to be this dull and uninteresting.  Every romantic plotline ends with nothing resolved and there’s a weird supernatural element to the show that just muddies the already polluted river.  Also chickens…chickens are some kinda metaphor.  It’s a shame this show looks so good because you feel completely unsatisfied after sitting through this slog.

You want to watch this on Crunchyroll?  Whhhyyyyyyy??!?!?!

Magical Warfare (2014)


Dan –A bunch of high school students get dragged into some kind of… mystical conflict. From that dull-sounding premise, things go completely bonkers as the show crams nonsensical rules and plot twists into every crevice. This is one war I wouldn’t blame you for draft-dodging.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you if you decide to watch Magical Warfare on Crunchyroll

Genericon 2017 Schedule

Hi everyone! As you may have guessed from our recent updates and podcasts, we’ve been hard at work putting together our material for Genericon XXX (2017)! The official schedule has been posted here, and you can see everything the convention has to offer.

All of our afternoon trivia and evening panels will be taking place in the same room: Panel Room 1 (DCC 318) on Saturday, March 4th. See our full schedule below.

Saturday, March 4th
Panel Room 1 (DCC 318)


1:00-2:00pm: Video Game Name-That-Image
2:00-3:00pm: Video Game Name-That-Tune
3:00-4:00pm: Anime Name-That-Image
4:00-5:00pm: Anime Name-That-Tune

Test your wits and memory in a friendly competition to see who can identify the images and songs from popular and not-so-well-known anime and games. Small prizes will be awarded to the winners.


7:00-8:30pm: Run For It! Bad Anime to Avoid
9:30-10:30pm: It Came Out of Nowhere! Good Anime You (Probably) Haven’t Seen

Let us tell you about the anime that has left an impression on  us, for better and for worse. Stick around after our Good Anime panel to chat with us or make suggestions for shows we should promote or lampoon!

As always, please check the final schedule for any changes to time or location during the con. We look forward to seeing you at another great Genericon!