5yr & 10yr Anniversaries

We’ve got some celebrating to do!


Our blog has been around for 5 years!  So exciting!  Can you believe we started in 2014?!  Thank you to each and every one of you that’s come around and read our posts.  We even love those of you that came around only to read Scott’s review of War on Geminar (*secretly shakes fist at Scott*).  We hope you continue on with us for many more years to come!


Scott and Su have been part of the Con Artists for 10 years!  Congrats to us!!  Scott, how did this even happen!?  How have we been stuck here since 2009?  We clearly need lives…help us…

All kidding aside, it is a wonderful experience and we are both ecstatic to be part of this amazing group.

Who’s the artist?

You may have noticed our banner art changed.  This art is brought to us by our talented friend Jess Johnson.  Go check her out!


Instagram: @skywhalecomics


Any other exciting news?!

Yes!  Besides the rad new banner art, we’ve also decided to celebrate our anniversaries by putting up a bunch of the Rolling Review Final Thoughts podcasts onto iTunes/Android.  Now you can listen to those on the go, like the hip young parsons you are!  Look out for that!

3 comments on “5yr & 10yr Anniversaries

  1. Congratulations! Those are impressive anniversaries!


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