FanimeCon 2015

Hi, everyone! Dan and Brendan just returned from San Jose and FanimeCon 2015 yesterday. The con was a ton of fun, with all kinds of great events, games and costumes to see. Some of the highlights included “Badasses of Japanese History” and “Cringeworthy Videogame Cutscenes” (a panel Dan in particular could appreciate).

While the con boasted a huge dealers’ room and a great artists’ alley for anyone looking for props, posters and much more, the real highlight of Fanime was the costumes. Cosplayers of all sorts were present, from the mainstream to the obscure. If you are a cosplayer or a fan of costuming in general, this is definitely a con you should check out.

Long story short, Fanime was a great experience, and we hope to head back again next year. Thanks to all the staff and volunteers who made the con possible, and to all of the panelists, artists, presenters and cosplayers who attended. Best of luck on the rest of the con circuit, wherever it may take you.

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