Rolling Review – The Heroic Legend of Arslan (08)

Arslan Senki - 08 10-55_

Episode Synopsis:

This episode follows Gieve and Farangis from where they left off last episode before getting back to the title character and his encounter with Kharlan. The three parties converge in quick succession, culminating in a battle between two great warriors.

Episode Review:

Arslan’s focus tightens significantly in this episode, which is devoted entirely to the battle in the mountain pass. Well, and its lead-up, wherein our introduction to Farangis via Gieve is expanded. Gieve plays the role of the dashing rogue to a T, and I’m happy to see his wiles rebuffed so thoroughly. I’m also pleased to see a woman who can dole out her share of the harshness in combat, though, having said these things, Farangis’ backstory does seem like kind of an arbitrary way to shoehorn a female who doesn’t seem like she’s wearing quite enough clothes into the main storyline.

Moving on, I very much enjoyed seeing Narsus’ strategic prowess back at work, as he directs the battle in the pass. You gotta love a fight where the underdogs even the odds by using their superior cunning. Things get a little contrived once Daryun manages to engage Kharlan in solo combat, but I’m still invested in the unfolding drama, and the episode goes out on a very nice character moment for Arslan himself.

Episode Summary:

Little high, little low, but progress is made, and without any of those recently introduced weird-looking characters. Steady as she goes.

P.S.: To all of you who watch the credits as a matter of course, I salute you, comrades. To the rest of you Philistines, watch out for stingers.

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