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Gundam: The Witch from Mercury – Episode 12

Episode Synopsis:

The tension is high as Plant Queta’s separated C-block inhabitants fight for survival. Suletta is saved from near demise but must contend with the idea of killing others to ensure the survival of both herself and those she holds hear. Miorine races to an escape area along with a critically wounded Delling as the Witches of Earth continue their onslaught. Elsewhere, Nika reveals her hand as she prevents the untimely death of her fellow Earthian classmates.


This review contains minor SPOILERS FOR THE POST-CREDITS SCENE

I almost feel bad that I voted this show as the worst of the year because this episode was excellent…

As long as we pretend the last few minutes didn’t happen. More on that later.

This is ultimately what I’m looking for Gundam to be. A strong setup with payoff to conflict that is presented in the story. The battles are well executed while they last, and there’s genuine tension with sequences like Miorine desperately trying to move her father to safety, and Suletta physically shell shocked at the sight of dead bodies when her mother saves her. There’s real stakes and consequences here for all the characters in play. Unlike the prologue which had a whole lot of murder without the strongest setup to back it up, there’s a sense of justice here that has been teased the entire show.

The Earthians face constant prejudice from the Spacians. It’s not even remotely a surprise that these two

New Challengers have appeared: Stella Fangs-alot and Norea Broods-alot

are part of a terrorist duo with no qualms about killing. People under siege like that from an oppressive force are bound to strike back with greater and more violent force. See: All of human history for several examples. While I am surprised the notably impoverished Earth could both afford and obtain the GUND-ARM technology to build not one but TWO Gundams, I am just going to go with it.

The other big payoff is Nika. I expected her betrayal to be something cheesy like “Shaddiq paid for me to get into school so I have to do what he says”. Instead the hinted connection between them is being downtrodden children of Earth. They stick together because they likely both had difficult childhoods. Their bond feels stronger than any of the other floozies in Shaddiq’s harem. I’m actually invested in how Nika’s going to come out and explain her case. I’m also concerned that Marco now has a death flag on him.

Girl…I WILL tell you. You were one of the few characters will payoff. I knew I liked you for a reason.

Not all the hell dished out in this episode had the appropriate prerequisites nor emotional weight though. It was nice to see some humanity in Delling for the first time, but it comes too little to late for me to care very much. Him being a massive prick the whole show to Miorine has felt a bit too extreme for my liking. He literally uses his daughter as a trophy to offer up to the best duelist in school. His sudden acceptance of her company proposal and his subsequent dealings with Miorine in episode 9 and 10 just don’t have the “umph” I needed to accept him as a secretly caring parent. And please don’t give me that “He’s keeping her in the school to protect her from the horrors of blah blah blah in the outside world!”. Give me a break…

If there was a stronger setup for why he committed mass murder in the prologue perhaps I’d be more understanding of his stoic attitude. It’s been stated he was a Military General, so his hard stance on certain topics would have been palatable.

Nope, sorry. You are still a prick.

My same apathy goes for Papa Jeturk. Guy got what he deserved if you ask me, and Guel hasn’t had nearly enough characterization for his horrible moment to land the way it should.

While some moments weren’t as satisfying as others, the music, animation and overall plotting of this episode were top notch, and it’s a shame the show hasn’t been this way since post-Prologue.

But there is that last lingering item….

The reason why the keyword in my first sentence is almost.

Wow show…just wow. Those last few minutes post-credits sure were somethin’. Am…I meant to understand that Suletta is Bucky from the Marvel Cinematic Universe?! Did she become a psycho killer on demand when her mother repeated a chant offscreen or something? How did we go from this:

to this:

in the span of this episode. I understand you wanted a cliffhanger for the second season in April, but if you want to fire a Chekhov’s Gun it’s imperative that you…LOAD THE GUN. I am as shocked as the writers wanted me to be that Suletta just smashed a man into bloody pancake batter, but not for the right reasons. The actions she takes here and her reaction to the aftermath just feel so out of left field for this Fluffy Puff Marshmallow of a main character as to be almost laughable.

Was I meant to be watching a different show this whole season?! Who even ARE YOU Suletta?!?!


Episode 12 is actually good. The show has high stakes and even higher tension as our characters battle for survival. Previous loyalties and prejudices come to a head and drive the actions behind all the characters in play. There’s strong motivations for the newly introduced Witches of Earth. In addition to all that the show just looks and sounds excellent. Suletta joining the fray was great while it lasted, but those last few minutes post-credits left a bad taste in my mouth. I am glad this show is over. It just makes me tired thinking back on it. Did you watch this show along with us? Tell us your thoughts!

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