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Ya Boy Kongming! – Episode 01

Episode Synopsis:

Kongming, famed general of the 3rd century Three Kingdoms period of China, dies and is reincarnated in present-day Japan.  He wanders into a nightclub and is entranced by the singing of Eiko, a passionate amateur.  He rapidly learns about modern culture and technology, and resolves to use his brilliant strategic mind to assist Eiko in her dream of stardom.

Episode Review:

I really enjoyed the first episode of Ya Boy Kongming!.  A big part of that is how quickly it gets to its premise – Within 10 minutes, we’ve seen Kongming die, be reincarnated, arrive in Japan (fully dressed no less)…

…meet Eiko as she performs…

In costume because it’s Halloween

…have a brief “fish out of water” phase…

…and find employment.

He picks up bartending shockingly quickly.

By the second half of the episode, we’re already getting to the show’s pitch – Kongming learning about modern club music…

…realizing that he wants to help Eiko succeed, and then signing up to do just that.

It’s not wasting anyone’s time, and I appreciate that.  Kongming and Eiko’s characterization is also a strong part of the show.  Kongming, despite coming up to speed on the modern era quickly, still speaks and acts with the dignity you’d expect, and has his own troubles; he’s not just a prop for Eiko.

Eiko, while energetic on stage, is concerned that, like many amateur musicians, she’ll never break out of tiny gigs and get to do what she loves as her career.

The show has strong heart, is what I’m saying.

Then there’s the production values.  Everything looks great, and the music is excellent.  It’s always nice when a music show has good music integrated into it, and so far what I’ve heard is solid.  Lastly, I gotta say – he might be a minor character but I really like the bar’s owner.

A tough-looking guy who’s conveniently a huge Three Kingdoms nerd?  I like it.

Ovearll, this was a strong debut episode for a show with a fun premise, so check it out with us!


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