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Tokyo 24-ku (12)

Episode Synopsis:

Asumi delivers one final trolley problem to RGB. Shu must choose to give the CMD to Ran and destroy her consciousness forever or give the data to Koki so he can fix the KANAE System and put Asumi to sleep for eternity. Naturally, the boys choose neither. They race to the Cornucopia to digitally download themselves into the KANAE System and speak to Asumi themselves.


Okay first of all…how did Ran make this outfit for Shu while he was on the run from…

You know what…I don’t even care. Let’s just move on.

This episode is so blah that it’s hardly worth it to write much. The boys trying to break into the Cornucopia while Asumi begs them not too is almost humorous because of how weak it feels. My favorite part was when Asumi attempts to stop their quest by nearly hitting them with a autonomous driving truck. Like…wow girlfriend…calm that down.

Shuta was able to kick said truck out of the way with his rocket boots, but later is unable to handle a standard metal door and a duct grate. Ummm…okay.

Truck smashing is easy but…
Oh no! A door!!

Equally as entertaining is the standoff between 0th’s Shantytown mob and Mayor Suido pretending it’s not happening. Yes, let’s pretend the building isn’t about to be burned down and raided. I know…I’ll mark THEM ALL as terrorists and then the police can round up the whole damn place. That’s totally a plan!

Everyone is being labeled a terrorist and your system is obviously broken!
This is fine…

The show has done basically nothing to earn the ending it desperately strives for. In one final act of “We didn’t think this out at all”, RGB’s discussion with digital Asumi is broadcast to everyone in the 24th ward. They all in turn repeat “I love you” after RGB declares their love for Asumi and this somehow…stops all the strife that’s been caused previously with the Shantytown populace being marked as terrorists/their raid on the upper class.

Welcome to Love Land!
Now Featuring Super Low Budget Sailor Moon!

I feel the need to point out that Asumi’s chosen dissolvement makes no sense. If she could CHOOSE to disappear into…cyberdeath(?) then why did we even need to setup the drama of that final trolley dilemma. I thought the whole problem was that the poor girl’s consciousness was being stimulated into existence by being trapped in the KANAE System? She need to either be put to sleep or deleted. Why did we…


Sure, I love you too.

This show has been a non-stop disappointment and honestly, it was rather fitting that it ends in this dumb, hand-waiving kind of way. The final sequence of the show wherein Shuta headbutts a robber and then offers a kid some Golden Sunrise bread is just a perfect encapsulation of this mess. It’s all bulldozing and carbs without a hint of thought or nutrition.

Good riddance Tokyo24-ku. You were a poorly executed show and it’s such a shame because somewhere in there, I could see there were some interesting ideas.


This ending did not involve nearly enough sacred donut handoff. Also this show is a massive disappointment and failed to deliver on any of the ideas it seemingly wanted to convey. Do yourself a favor and stay clear of this one.

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