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Aquatope of White Sand (14)

Episode Synopsis:  

Fuuka returns to the island and gets a job at the aquarium so she can work with Kukuru.  Kukuru continues to struggle with her new job, but has more success and is able to hold an event.  A new character, Marina, is introduced; she’ll be working with the penguins alongside Fuuka.

Episode Review:

We’re starting to get into the swing of things in the second half of Aquatope, with characters settling into their new roles at the Tingaara Aquarium. Most of the focus is on Kukuru, and her fight to work underneath her difficult new boss while trying to coordinate between the different groups at the aquarium.  This part is well done, with each group prioritizing its own interests in a believable way: The backroom prep staff are struggling to keep up with their everyday work since they’ve just started operations, the penguin handlers are concerned that the penguins are too agitated in their new surrounding to handle the additional stress of visitors, and Kukuru trying to get them all to agree to take on additional burdens so her boss will be satisfied.

“Per my email”, the perfect passive-aggressive way to get business done

Anyone who has had a boss they don’t like, or whose demands seem unreasonable, is going to resonate with Kukuru in this episode.  He may have the company’s best interests in mind, but that doesn’t stop his condescending delivery from being frustrating.

Get ‘em, Kukuru!

The show still makes time to show off the sea life, including two delightful shots I must share with you:

Behold! The largest penguin!

Also of note before I leave you: The new character from last episode, Eiji, is ridiculous in a fun way.  Nearly every line he says is a fishing or fish metaphor, and I look forward to seeing more of them.

In summary, it’s a fun episode that helps us get the characters established in their new work home.

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