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Rolling Review – Fruits Basket 2019 – S3 (11)


Episode Synopsis:

Kyo and Tohru work through their feelings and confirm their love for each other.  Akito accepts Tohru’s friendship.  The true origins of the zodiac curse are revealed.  Akito releases the zodiac curse.

Episode Review:

They did it!  Tohru and Best Boy Kyo got together!!


I’m very happy, both for them as characters and just in general because it was an emotional and heart-warming scene.  Though I can’t let it go without at least poking some light fun at Tohru for this:

That’s a pretty bold statement for someone who was in tears mere seconds ago, certain that the relationship was over.  Now go prove it, you two!

The second half of the episode, where we learn the origins of the curse, felt unnecessary and a bit confusing.  It explained the thought processes of the god and the animals and gave a rationale for the curse, but I’m not sure I learned anything meaningful.  It’s presented as if this is the “true” story, but it still feels like a fable.  Is it any more real than the original story?  Am I supposed to believe this is really where the curse came from?

So, there’s an ACTUAL god, and the animals of the zodiac, who can ACTUALLY talk and ACTUALLY EXISTED, ACTUALLY REALLY held this banquet until they all dropped dead?

It also didn’t explain why the cat was also cursed to be a monster, which seems like an odd omission.  Like, the animals and god weren’t particularly jazzed when the cat rejected immortality, but I didn’t get the feeling any of them wanted the cat’s spirit to suffer for eternity.  They were just sort of sad.

Sad and with lifeless, judging eyes

The few minutes after that, where Akito released the curse and each member of the Soma family reacted as it was lifted, that was much more poignant than the curse origin story.

More of this please

Still, it feels good watching the show as it concludes, as the outlines of a post-curse world begin to show themselves.

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3 comments on “Rolling Review – Fruits Basket 2019 – S3 (11)

  1. Jeremy Smith

    I believe the so called God of the Zodiac in this episodes revealed real story of the curse was just a man that for some unknown reason happened to be born with very strong Special powers and long life. I don’t think he was an actual god. The animal’s probably only referred to him as such because to them, with how powerful he was, he seemed like a god. I also believe that the reason for the cats cursed form was possibly a result of the Cats unwillingness to accept the bond causing some sort of error or mutation in the spell that God had cast to occur. This is just my own theory though.


    • Jeremy Smith

      Also it’s possible that God’s powers allowed him to speak and understand the animals language.


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