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Rolling Review – Fruits Basket 2019 – S3 (10)

Episode Synopsis:

Saki and Arisa talk to Akito; Arisa talks to Kureno. Yuki yells at Kyo. Hiro talks to Kisa. Kyo talks to his father. Akito talks to her caretaker. Machi talks to Yuki. Haru and Shigure order pizza.


Pretty dialogue-heavy episode – there’s a lot of dénouement to go around, and we’re just getting started.

Definitely the weirdest part is Arisa having a moment of clarity regarding Kureno –

– which doesn’t change her direction of travel towards having a relationship with him by a single degree. If anything, her foot’s even harder on the gas now that there’s a real chance that the two could skip town together. Can’t say I approve of that.

Elsewhen, Kyo manages to keep a surprisingly cool head when his day-drinking father drops hints that he may have been the primary force behind Kyo’s mother’s suicide. Kyo’s internal monologue emphasizes that it’s impossible to know for sure what happened at this point, but I’d expect anything that calls into question his role in the single most pivotal event of his life to have a little more focus, and I don’t get the feeling that we’ll be getting back into this before series end.

Also, Akito has a weird little closure conversation with the older woman whose name I don’t remember learning, which included confirmation for the audience that Akito no longer has any plans to imprison Kyo. This felt a little odd because none of the characters who actually have stake in that arrangement are present – I guess it’s the kind of thing that’s too important to pass without any explicit mention, but too obvious to have a major scene devoted to it.

Kisa is still adorable, by the way.

I guess Yuki getting Machi’s phone call and running out of the house to meet her is meant to be him taking his own “advice” that he gives Kyo earlier in the episode, but the climactic music coming in felt a bit off since we cut away from them almost immediately.


A weird little collection of connective tissue.

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