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Rolling Review – Fruits Basket 2019 – S3 (03)

Episode Synopsis:

Yuki’s relationship with Machi develops further, and Motoko’s relationship with Yuki comes to an end. 

Episode Review:

I have mixed feelings about this episode of Fruits Basket.  On one hand, it’s good that the show is settling some of the “secondary” relationships ahead of what are likely to be some very focused and serious episodes about the central conflict.  But on the other, the episode itself feels… mechanical.  We have these girls, Machi and Motoko, and some important plot beats that need to happen for them.  The episode takes us through those plot points in what feels like a very efficient manner… but not in a way that makes me feel anything about them.  It really felt like we were just trying to get them out of the way, a feeling heightened when not one but FOUR other plot elements are dealt with in the closing few minutes.


It’s a complicated problem.  I don’t like that the show feels as if it’s racing through the story of these side characters.

A lifelong history of trauma exposed…
… and now solved!

It also seems like every feeling and emotion is being ramped up in order to heighten the drama and get you to feel the way the show wants you to, but it’s a little over the top.

Really?  Never? What, did your teachers have a note from your mother instructing them not to praise you?
You know who talks like that?  No one.

I fully admit, though, that if they did take the time to develop these characters at a reasonable pace for me to feel the right emotions and a sense of closure for their stories… and then the main plot didn’t have time to achieve a solid ending, I would also be unhappy.  Perhaps the problem is that, even with 50-something episodes, there isn’t quite enough time to tell every story fully.

Oh well.  At least we got this delightful image.

I feel like I should try this more often in real life.  “Here’s my position on this issue.  Please don’t say anything back to me, as I feel quite good right now.”

Anyway, absolutely don’t send me any comments about this review.  I feel quite good right now.

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