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Rolling Review – Fruits Basket 2019 – S3 (02)

This is the part where I make a joke about not getting the memo that I’m back in the rotation.

Episode Synopsis:

Tohru agonizes about what to do with her newly discovered secrets.  Shigure engages in drama with his editor, with Kureno, and with Akito, not necessarily in that order.


Ah, Fruits Basket. It’s been too long since I was completely out of my depth at interpreting personal interactions. Like this one:

First of all – Shame on Crunchyroll for not writing out “Mitchan and Ritchan” (also, I feel like they lost an ‘a’ in there somewhere). Surely the rhyme is the only conceivable reason that Shigure would have to make this comparison, they’re both nicknames, so it’s not actually a translation issue, and I feel confident that even English speakers would address someone in the third person for the sake of a little wordplay. Second, by her reaction, I’m guessing that his editor correctly registers this as a more-or-less playful insult, but does she even know who Ritchan is? Do I?? Questions within questions (I mean, the obvious answer is Ritsu Soma, the zodiac monkey, but that only makes the first question more pointed).

Next up, anyone want to remind me whether there’s a previous episode that tells me when this conversation takes place?

Probably just gonna wait until everything wraps up and then re-watch from the beginning, just to be safe.

At least the show is finally finished dancing around the sex and spite that are structurally crucial to Shigure’s character, and, through him, the story at large. If revelations like this and the previous episode’s continue apace, even I might be able to appreciate whatever the endgame turns out to be.

As far as Tohru’s half of the episode, I do appreciate that she’s treading carefully with what she’s been given – for now, her discretion is more important than whether she actually accomplishes anything. Antics with her bit-part classmates are starting to seem out of place relative to the depths of the Soma storyline.

Re: the OP – I hope the last we see of Kagura isn’t the one downbeat shot of her alone in the dark Q_Q

Re: the ED – We’ve got twenty-odd episodes to go, and are these spoilers? Not everyone’s read your books, eh.


The show may finally be answering questions faster than it’s raising them. Buckle up.

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