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Rolling Review – Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina (10)

Episode Synopsis:

Sheila, the association witch who enlisted Elaina’s help with the the doll fiasco, and Fran, Elaina’s mentor who is now an instructor at a prestigious academy, meet up to go on vacation together, and reminisce about their days butting heads as odd-couple co-apprentices under Niké. A turning point in their relationship came when Niké delegated a paid association gig to them – arresting a gang of criminals that use magical items – which the pair only survived after being forced to use their last resort: teamwork.


Honestly, I didn’t think that this episode did anything particularly noteworthy – which feels like a half-step down from the flawed-but-at-least-kinda-funny episode that I covered last (though perhaps an improvement over some of the weirdness that’s happened in the three episodes in between). Fran and Sheila have 21 minutes to do the buddy cop routine – less the bookends that contextualize the entire flashback as setup for the next episode – and it goes by pretty quickly. I was amused by Sheila’s tricked-out yankii-motorcycle-style broom – in contrast, the apparent reference to The Matrix in the climactic battle seemed out place, and I really wasn’t sure what to make of sexy knife thing. The whole revelation that the two of them were Niké’s apprentices comes off as contrived.


I don’t think there’s anything this show can do in the last two episodes that will justify a recommendation at this point, but, if it plays its cards right, maybe we won’t think back on it too harshly.


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