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Rolling Review – Fruits Basket 2019 – S2 (12)

Episode Synopsis:

Mayu (Tohru’s homeroom teacher), with some prompting by Shigure, reminisces about her friend Kana’s disastrous romance with Hatori… and her own feelings for both him and Shigure.  Returning to the present, she meets Hatori after two years of not seeing him, and finally expresses her feelings towards him.


Episode Review:

This is not a particularly good episode of Fruits Basket, and it’s not particularly good in the same way that the episode with Uo and Kureno wasn’t particularly good.  In both, the woman meets someone they haven’t met before/haven’t seen in years.

Fruits Basket S2 Ep 12 -_00041.jpg
The long-imagined meeting

The guy says something mildly depressing/doesn’t smile enthusiastically enough.

Fruits Basket S2 Ep 12 -_00051.jpg
I looked into this whole “happiness” business, and… nah.

And then the woman bursts into passionate tears and emotions at the statement of someone they’ve been talking with for about 5 minutes.

Fruits Basket S2 Ep 12 -_00053.jpg

Fruits Basket S2 Ep 12 -_00054

Fruits Basket S2 Ep 12 -_00055.jpg
OK, you’re up here right now (holds hand above head).  I need you to come down to about here (moves hand down to shoulder level).

Would this have potentially been a very emotional moment for the audience if we knew literally anything at all about these characters and their relationship?  Quite possibly!  Fruits Basket can be really good at the feels.  But we don’t know anything about them, and the overwhelming feeling I’m having is “…can we go back to someone I care about?”

Fruits Basket S2 Ep 12 -_00062
Mayu has my back on this.

It really feels more like we’re setting this up to pay off later, and we are doing just a really clumsy job of it.  But enough of that line of thought – What is up with Soma lady, you guys?

Fruits Basket S2 Ep 12 -_00044.jpg

Fruits Basket S2 Ep 12 -_00045.jpg
this lady right here

What is your deal?  Her nag powers are top-notch, and she is wielding them on behalf of that spoiled child despite not being a zodiac member.  Is she his mother, and she wants everyone to love and respect her son?  Was she witness to some Soma family tragedy the last time someone tried to break the curse, and is trying to keep the zodiac members in line to prevent it from happening again?  I want some details, because this kind of devotion to evil doesn’t come cheap.

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