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Rolling Review – Fruits Basket 2019 – S2 (09)

Episode Synopsis:

Kyo is summoned to the annex to meet with Akito.  Upon arriving, he’s mentally tormented by Akito’s cruely and the reminder of a terrible “bet” they made long ago.  


Despite the tiny synopsis I wrote up there, this episode is…dense.  It’s also a sharp contrast to the previous one in that it’s focused like a fresnel lense.  And that focus is on Kyo.

There’s been a lot of Yuki-centric and Yuki + Tohru moments.  As if to answer Scott’s wish, it’s time for MAXIMUM KYO + TOHRU ACTION.

Kyo’s visit with Akito is as painful as you can image.  Akito toys with him for a while and then pulls out the metaphorical knife in the form of “his mother”.  The twisting of the knife is Akito’s insistence that Kyo killed his mother.  It’s all his fault that she committed suicide.  That makes Kyo a monster and it’s disgusting that he would think he’s worthy of love.  Akito also correctly ascertains that Kyo loves Torhu and there’s hints that he’s been using her for some nefarious purpose this whole time.

Akito…you sick son of a…
What is WRONG with you?!


I think we are hitting the point where we (who are unfamiliar with the manga) need to understand Akito’s deal.  His ability to force people into his presence, and then crush them mentally is too much to bear without explanation.  Why is he allowed to do this?  Why does everyone (including non-cursed members of the Sohma family) put up with this?  What are these weird tentacle things he has emanating from him?  Are these real or metaphorical?

What the literal hell?!

Since we know that Kureno is the rooster (Shigure stated that he too is part of the zodiac in previous episode, which leaves him as the final member), Akito must have some power over the cursed set of Sohmas.  Is he that guy in the end credits, who is sitting with all the zodiac animals?  Am I asking too many questions in my write-up?!

Are you the dude in the hood Akito?!?!!?

It’s was heartbreaking to watch the normally adorably ornery Kyo get abused this way, and reduced to a crumpled pile of pain.  This episode really layers in tiers of suffering.  First, it hurts to know that Kyo accepts the accusations thrown at him.  Second, Akito reminds him of a “bet” (I put this in quotations because it’s more like Akito instigates a challenge and just decides that Kyo is now participating/will suffer the consequences upon losing) that will end in tragedy.  Third is that Kyo reveals that he loves Tohru to us via monologue and then decides that he is unworthy of loving anyone.

Attention Readers: Commence punching…NOW


Kyo don’t be like that… ‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )‧º·˚

He’s just wants her to stay near him until he’s taken away forever.  Jesus show…that’s just too much on one person…


Akito…I hate you so freaking much.  Also…if you ever touch my delicate muffin Tohru…

We are gonna have problems…I will cut you.

I’ll end with something that intrigues me, because we are starting to lay down foundations for important concepts that may answer the questions I’ve been asking.  There’s a whole slew of cryptic statements to unpack.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Are all the cursed Sohma members placed into a hierarchy?  Is there some divine power at play here, and this is why nobody can resist Akito’s will?  I wonder if Shigure’s plan is to unravel the fate loop that all the zodiac members are in, and he needs Tohru as a metaphorical crowbar on these metaphorical train tracks.


This episode is a return to form.  It’s fantastic and heartbreaking and…holy crap I just want to hug Kyo and tell him everything is going to turn out okay (I hope…).  There’s so much tragedy and abuse in that poor kid’s existence and to top it all off, he’s marching towards a life of eternal imprisonment.

I want only good things for him, and all the other zodiac members.  Here’s to hoping that shoujo magic pulls through for them.

Also…I’m so glad Tohru goes to the beach by herself in this episode and plays in the sand.  Her yamato nadeshiko act was starting to bug me.

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