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Rolling Review – Houkago Saikoro Club (08)

Episode Synopsis:

Midori, Aya and Miki go into town to check out the newly opened board game cafe.  It turns out to be run by Emilia (Emmy) and her family, and the four rapidly bond over a Celtic inspired board game.  Later on, Emmy comes up with a ridiculous, yet effective plan to get the Board Game Cafe noticed at the school festival.

Episode Review:

I find it entertaining that I thought Emmy would make her appearance after my last review (Ep.4). Yet here we are four episodes later and she’s finally making a real debut on my review rotation.  Funny how that happens…

Nice to re-meet you too Emmy.  Where have you been since Ep. 04?!

This episode was simple and to the point, though the latter half was oddly plotted.  The girls find Emmy’s board game cafe and quickly befriend her over the game Keltis.  As with all the other episodes, the board games continue to be beautifully animated and well explained.  Keltis was deceptively simple and I liked the layers of strategy that came out of seemingly simple mechanics.


I also have to say, I am loving the fact that Emmy is a doofus, because I’m curious to see how poor Midori deals with not one, but TWO Ayas.  Good luck girlfriend…

Double your ditzes, double your fun!  That’s the state-ment of the great-mint in Saikoro Dice Club! (Yes I know Saikoro means Dice, but just go with it.  I needed the song to fit.)

Emmy is fine, though she’s lacking any interesting character traits outside of being foreign (half German, half Irish).  She’s excited to play games with Japanese girls her own age, and that’s cute. It’s okay though, since I don’t expect a wealth of character depth from this show.  What’s important is that we have our four girls together!  Promotional Art achieved!!

The gang’s all here!

The second half of the plot involves Chibiusa (Ren Shibusawa) isolating the Board Game Cafe farther out from the rest of the festival.  Now nobody will go to it!  So devious!  I have a hard time with Ren, because I don’t think this show needs a “villian”.  Her one-off episode with Midori (Ep.4) made for a nice plot beat, but what beef does she still have with the club?  Does she think she’s going to bully Midori into coming back to the student council with this?  Hot student council president guy is back on his feet and he clearly values Ren’s efforts (and finds her rivalry with Midori and Co. entertaining).  Where are we going with this ill intent Ren is showing the Board Game Club?

Ruuuuuudddeeeee.  What is your deal?!

Anywho, Emmy arrives right in time to save the cafe.  Let me give you all a brain teaser.

If your board game cafe consisted of all girls and you were isolated out to the Black Moon Kingdom by the V.P. of the Student Council, Wicked Lady…how would you get people to attend your event?

Give up?

The correct answer of course, is -> French Maid Outfits.


Yes, Emmy brings maid outfits and the club attracts a bunch of dudes who just want to gawk at them.  Uh…I guess you can’t argue with results…?

Midori being serious AF while stuck in this maid outfit is AMAZING.

Honestly guys, this is Dice Club.  There isn’t any fan-service and ultimately we learn about a whole other game (Dobble)!!!  We also meet Kendo Club guy, who seems to have developed an attraction to Miki.  I expect this to go nowhere, but it was cute to see.  Miki is clearly coming farther and farther out of her shell!

Spot the similarities and slap your friend! (on the hand)
Hello Yoshioka-kun, I expect you to be non-character.


This episode introduced Emmy, we got to go to the school festival, and then there were maid outfits.  It was an odd episode where Emmy melding into the group was lightning fast and the second half conflict felt forced.  I’m not sure why Ren continues to rag on Midori and Co.  Oh well,  I don’t really need Dice Club to have awe inspiring drama.  All the characters are pleasant and I’m learning about cool board games!  Chug on Dice Club.

Godspeed Midori…

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