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Rolling Review – Little Witch Academia (10)


LWA Ep 10 -_00053.jpgEpisode Synopsis: The Earl is throwing a party for Andrew, and Akko is, naturally, not invited.  Taking the existence of a party she’s not at as a personal affront, Akko breaks in, dragging Lotte and Sucy with her.  For… reasons (or, more likely, no reason at all), Sucy has brought along a bee whose sting causes its victim to fall in love with the first person they see.  Hi-jinks ensue.  By the end of the episode, Andrew is starting to feel an attraction to Akko (or maybe just to her anti-authoritarian streak), while Frank, Andrew’s friend, has realized that Lotte is the girl for him.  Sucy remains beloved only of mushrooms, just the way she wants it.

Episode Review: Episode 10 is similar to the previous few, in that not a lot of importance happens, but it’s fun to watch anyway.  For one thing, Diana, thank goodness, is back.

LWA Ep 10 -_00007.jpg

And where Diana goes, so go her terrible toadies.

LWA Ep 10 -_00006.jpg
Prepare for trouble, and make it double!

Unfortunately for Team Rival, Sucy’s love bee makes this an evening they will always want to forget.  Initially, the bee’s sting causes Diana to fall in love with Akko.

LWA Ep 10 -_00034.jpg
Diana, there’s something wrong with your face… it’s… smiling!

Her poor toadies spend most of the episode as follows:

LWA Ep 10 -_00035.jpg


Of course, Akko is only a temporary placeholder for Diana’s true love:

LWA Ep 10 -_00056.jpg

Herself.  At last, she’s found perfection.  As you might imagine, this isn’t an episode where a lot of serious business occurs, but it is fun to watch the love bee’s effects on everyone.


Now, you’re probably asking: Why, Sucy?  Why a love bee?  Why now?  Why here?

LWA Ep 10 -_00031.jpg
Well, the logic checks out

Now, that’s not to say that everything in the episode is complete fluff.  The episode builds on the introduction we got to Andrew in Episode 6, and gives us a lot more insight into his father, the Earl.

LWA Ep 10 -_00036.jpg

The Earl has been grooming Andrew for his entire life to become a leader and powerful figure in his country.  To the Earl’s way of thinking, this means eliminating everything that doesn’t lead to status and power, such as witches or, say, piano.  Andrew once expressed interest in the piano, so his father forbid him from touching a piano ever again.

LWA Ep 10 -_00040.jpg
No son of mine is going to become some… spoony bard!

Andrew resents this constant control, but feels he has a duty to do what his father directs.  Enter Akko:

LWA Ep 10 -_00042.jpg

LWA Ep 10 -_00044.jpgAs usual, Akko’s forthright and earnest attitude carries the day, and her enthusiasm rubs off a little on Andrew.  The episode finale features Andrew at the piano playing Flight of the Bumblebee as Akko hunts down and swats the love bee to end its spell.

LWA Ep 10 -_00047.jpg
That looks… so very precarious

As in the fountain episode, Andrew seems to be having fun with Akko, though he’s careful not to show it too much.

LWA Ep 10 -_00052.jpg
Your pretty-boy sweat sparkles are giving you away!

Meanwhile, things have taken quite a turn for Lotte – even after the bee’s effects have work off, Frank remains interested.

LWA Ep 10 -_00055.jpg

I gotta give it to Lotte (and the show) though: she might be “the plain one”, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to settle out of desperation – she turns his date offer down.

LWA Ep 10 -_00061.jpg
She’s still open to getting to know him better and starting as friends

So we’ve got the beginnings of some more interesting relationships between our characters.  And hey, Akko even uses magic and has it do what she wants!

LWA Ep 10 -_00016.jpg

Granted, what she wants in this case is a squirrel large enough to terrorize the country, but at least it’s a start.

In summary, Sucy continues to be fun to watch,

LWA Ep 10 -_00005.jpg
The patented “ain’t I a stinker?” face

And I’m looking forward to more episodes with Andrew (as are the girls).

LWA Ep 10 -_00062.jpg


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