Rolling Review – Little Witch Academia (03)

It sure isn’t natural talent.
How did you get accepted into this school, again?

Episode Synopsis:

Despite her apparent success using Shiny Chariot’s magic staff (potentially due to the aid of nearby witches who kind of knew what they were doing), Akko continues to be unable to perform all but the most rudimentary magic. She isn’t one to let a little total incompetence keep her from competing with the big girls, though, and thus it happens that she enrolls herself – and her roommates – in the annual Luna Nova Cup broom relay, despite herself not being able to animate a broom in the slightest. Sucy, who isn’t interested in the prestige, nor in Akko’s primary motivation, which is to follow in the metaphorical footsteps of former cup winner Shiny Chariot, only gets on board when an item in the prize pool catches her eye. Once her devious intellect is aligned with with Akko’s boundless enthusiasm, the team seems to have a shot at victory. Against the raw skill of Diana Cavendish, however, and with the interference of a(nother) group of ne’er-do-well students, Akko’s dreams remain just beyond her grasp.

Episode Review:

We’ve got another solid episode here. Before I get into nit-picking, it is of particular note that we are now formally introduced to the TV versions of the delinquents from The Enchanted Parade: Constanze, Jasminka, and Amanda, who are every bit as entertaining as their previous incarnations.

Named lower left to upper right

Now, the big question in this episode is “How is sabotage not grounds for disqualification?” If there’s no disincentive for tricks like Sucy’s at the starting line, I feel like any given race would immediately descend into chaos. This event has been going on for more than a millennium and the only formality seems to be to make sure the relay actually happens. Speaking of which:


lwa_03_21-01_Oh, Jasminka. You’re the best.

lwa_03_21-04A minor head-scratcher for me is “How is this race set up that there isn’t any real concern for leaving the course?” It could easily be three straight lines, in which case there would be no corners to cut, but the flyer Akko holds up – which looks slightly different in the two shots where it’s visible – makes it seem more complicated.


Interesting observation: This episode takes place on and leading up to September 27, 2016, implying that the show takes place in the current western academic term.

Other minor stuff:
How are Akko and Sucy the only freshmen in their flight class?

answer: doesn’t matter

Why is a self-powered flying construct kept in an off-campus hole-in-the-wall and not in a university laboratory?

answer: because Pawn Stars, apparently.

Side note: After warning that his boss would upset by the loss of the Shooting Star, Chumlee here seems awfully cool with Akko in the ED considering she was probably the only one seen with the Shooting Star between it being in the shop and being set free.

Maybe they have good security cameras

Speaking of references to America: is the English in this show not fantastic? I love these guys.

What’s that about Amanda at the bottom? Don’t hold out on meee

Ultimately, what this show lacks in the odd fridge logic moment, it makes up for in heart and attention to detail pretty much everywhere else.

P.S.: shameless self-promotion for Inferno Cop

Episode Summary:

Akko’s passion takes her far, though it’s obvious that she herself has precious little else. Trigger’s passion is taking this show far, and it’s obvious that they’ve got skills to match. I am earnestly looking forward to more.

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