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Rolling Review – Izetta: The Last Witch (07)


Episode Synopsis:

Allied leaders meet in Britannia to discuss the state of the war. After meeting with Izetta and Finé, they are convinced that witch’s power could be used to turn the tide. Together, they hatch a plan to have Izetta destroy a Germanian aircraft carrier hidden in the fjords of Nord. However, the Germanians are aware of the operation, and set a deadly trap. Though Izetta ultimately succeeds, her enemies may have learned all they need to know in order to neutralize her and put the war back on their terms.

Episode Review:

After the surprisingly dark turn episode 5 took near the end, Izetta seems to have gotten back on track. Today’s story features significant military strategy, individual struggles, and an explosive battle that leaves the door open for future plotlines. All-in-all, just the sort of stuff I’ve been enjoying about the show without much of the faffing about that marred some other recent episodes.

We open with members of the Allied command structure discussing what to do about a Germanian aircraft carrier that has hidden itself in the conquered nation of Not-Norway (Nord), when Izetta and Finé arrive to offer assistance. The magical fields that Izetta needs are sparse there, but she believes she can attack the ship reliably. With the aid of four powerful torpedoes and a Britannian aircrew, she makes her attack, only to discover that the Germanians have moved the ship and are waiting for her.

Once it became clear that the Germanians were willing to risk an entire aircraft carrier just to draw Izetta out, I’ll admit I became a little skeptical. That’s moving close to big dumb bad guy territory, but the show actually addresses this in a fairly plausible way. Much like most of the military-focused side of the show, this episode handles the operation very well, and Izetta is seriously challenged for the first time as she struggles to overcome zones of weak magic and focused anti-aircraft fire.


I was especially happy with the coordination between Izetta and the Britannian pilots. All of Izetta’s magic relies on outside objects or forces, such as the swords and spears she’s used previously, and the torpedoes she enchants this episode. It makes the fight scenes much more dynamic and interesting, as the Germanians target her weapons and force her to change up her plans mid-battle. There’s no exceptionally clever tactics or anything, but the execution is solid and exciting.

On the Germanian side, we get to see them put up their first truly serious offense since the dogfight in episode 2. We also get to see a little of the Germanian soldiers playing cards and kvetching over the operation, which helps make them feel more like actual people that cardboard cutout Nazi goons. Captain Balser returns to avenge his men, and the spymaster Berkman begins to deduce Izetta’s weaknesses, which means that Izetta will probably have much bigger problems in the future. At the same time, it’s strongly hinted that Izetta may not be the only witch the Germanians know about, which makes both the title and a lot of the dialogue from Berkman and Emperor Otto ring kind of hollow. It remains to be seen who knew what and when, but that’s to be expected when you’ve got an elaborate spy vs. spy battle constantly running in the background.


While the carrier operation takes up the lion’s share of the episode, it was the brief interactions between Izetta and Finé that left me wanting more. After slapping us across the face with Izetta’s shy and easily flustered nature for the upteenth time, the show gives them a few moments together that feel genuinely romantic. There’s still a sense that the show is catering to its presumably male audience, but it helps solidify that there is an actual relationship developing between these two young women.

I sincerely hope they build on this and have both our heroines grow and change together as the series escalates, because it would prove that the show is more than action-focused yuri-bait. Recent episodes make it feel like Izetta just doesn’t trust that Nazis fighting a witch that can flip tanks and impale airplanes with icicle spears is enough to keep their audience’s attention, and they resort to softcore pandering to pad out the slower moments. Fortunately, this episode does a good job of restoring the goodwill Izetta began testing back in episode 4 and again in episode 5 with its fanservice low-jinks.

Episode Summary:

This episode is what I’ve been looking for and only getting sporadically from the show as a whole. When Izetta is on, it’s really on, and the battle between the witch and the Germanians is a perfect example of this. Hopefully, the show takes this to heart and continues to deliver interesting scenarios and competent minds on each side struggling to outwit each other.

Izetta on the Weekend continues to amuse in its own, little way, as well.

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5 comments on “Rolling Review – Izetta: The Last Witch (07)

  1. This show is definitely hit and miss but most of this episode was really interesting to watch. Would love to see more like this from the show and less of girls trying on clothes or eating pie.


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