Podcast 02: Let Justice Be Done – Aldnoah.Zero Season 1

The Con Artists return with a new podcast! This month, we discuss the first half of Aldnoah.Zero. Spoilers abound, so please watch the show before listening if you have not already. You can find the podcast here.

Aldnoah.Zero is on an alternate Earth where humanity has discovered ancient technology on Mars and the fragile peace between the Martian and Terran forces is about to be shattered. It follows a group of teenagers pressed into military service as a global war rages around them. Brutal, decisive mech battles and political maneuvering are the order of the day as two young men and their friends try to survive the struggles of war.

As is stated in the podcast, we have only seen the first half of the show, and have plans to follow up with a later discussion on the second half. We welcome further discussion of the show here, or on our Facebook page. Thank for checking us out!

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