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Hell’s Paradise – Episode 06

Episode Synopsis:

Genji is killed by Rokurouta, a giant near-invulnerable criminal.  Sagiri and Gabimaru fight and kill him.

Episode Review:

I didn’t really expect the fights in this show to be so… excruciating.  This was a full length episode where the only thing that happened was the fight, and it was boring.  Probably this is because fully half of the fight is people talking about the ongoing fight.

Is there some way we can just skip to the part where you hit him?

My personal favorite was this moment, where Sagiri and Gabimaru stand around talking about the ongoing fight, with their supposedly fast-moving, deadly opponent standing stock still in between them.

There are multiple flashbacks to things that someone said minutes ago.  Yes, show, I remember that Sagiri is going to use both reason and passion to hit him, thank you! 

On top of that, about another quarter of the episode is super close-up shots of Rokurouta either crying, screaming, or both.

This, but for like 5 minutes

I wish I could do justice in words to how garbage the animation on him crying is, but I simply can’t.  It’s so bad I was laughing.  Let’s hope the next episode has less fighting and more figuring out the mystery of the island, because this one was trash.

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