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Gundam: The Witch from Mercury – Episode 08

Episode Synopsis:

Miorine brings together the Earthians and Suletta to decide what the goal of the their new company is. The easiest decision would be to research/manufacture Gundams for war purposes but that doesn’t sit right with most of the group. Meanwhile, Shaddiq sets his sights on Miorine herself, to try and get in on her new company venture.


Episode 08 is a whole lot of setup. I’ve made sure to not watch beyond this episode as of writing this review so that I’m not spoiled on future events.

There isn’t much to say here honestly. The Earthian team overall feels dicey about using their newfound company to sell weapons. A chunk of the episode is devoted to all of them trying to come up with an alternative purpose while things like articles of incorporation paperwork and a promotional video are created in the background. Miorine is quietly looking into what witches are and why they are “cursed”, and Shaddiq is slowly coming into focus as a character.

It’s unclear how Lady Prospera benefits from the new company that Miorine has formed but I have to assume there is some underlying plan the writers are going for here. Thus far, that’s the only interesting thing happening anymore. She’s also clearly undergone a psychosis of sorts as she manipulates everyone around her and Suletta without batting an eye. I’m still leaning into my “long play revenge plot” theory, and I’m way more interested in her side of things than I am in any of the other main characters onscreen.

I too have questions. For starters Lady Prospera, why are you so much more interesting than the lead characters?

I am honestly not sure what to feel about this show anymore. I could hate it like my fellow Con Artists but that takes energy and I simply don’t have reserves of that to use on a show like this. It’s just here, and it’s just…blah. I was saving this discussion for the end of season podcast we have on our Rolling Review choice, but perhaps it’s best to let this out now. What is this show even aiming for?! Witch of Mercury feels like several shows oddly fused together to form some Frankenstein creation.

I expounded in Episode 04 about how I was kosher with a show about a bunch of kids dueling it out in Gundams for financial/political gain. Sure, it could be done better but it was fine as it was. Why…could the show not just be that? Now we’re adding in Silicon Valley Investors meets Mobile Suit Gundam?

On the surface, a Gundam show about a bunch of people trying to tackle the financial, logistic and ethical concerns around a company that researches/makes Gundams could be fascinating. Here, in the latter half of a thirteen episode season that has spent no time building to this idea it’s just jarring and weird. I have a theory that the Gund-Arm’s development is going to be used as a vehicle for Miorine to understand her father’s words about the heavy metaphorical price of the Gundams and their operation. It also brings in some of the Ochs Earth/Vanadis history which ties into Suletta’s unremembered past. This doesn’t mean I suddenly want the show to turn heel and become a corporate exploration.

Since this is a two cour show I am going to hold out on judgement of all of this until I see how everything is balanced and what the payoff of this “Miorine and Pals make a company” plot is. Between the duels to control company standings in the Benerit Group, the mystery as to how Suletta pilots a Gundam with no physical damage and is seemingly un-enhanced like other “witches”, as well as what Lady Prospera’s all about we’ve got a lot going on.

Might I also add that there’s a backdrop of classism being showcased and a continuous abuse of Earth’s citizens as they remain trapped in a warzone planet. Let’s just cram that on the plate, shall we?

Figure A: One of the many things we SHOULD be focusing more on in this show

I guess it’s worth touching upon that Nina is very clearly a Benedict Arnold and is going to betray the Earthian group because Shaddiq has influence over her somehow. I’m sure all will be forgiven quickly because Suletta’s power is “Naiveté Friendship Beam”. Shaddiq’s story could be interesting. Being a war orphan who got adopted into wealth should make for a conflicted character, but I’m not holding my breath that anything of value will come out of him.

As a super final note:

This promotional video….

I’ll admit that I laughed a little bit but a I cringed a lotta bit. Seriously kids…maybe figure out your marketing strategy a little better before you are laughed out a boardroom. Again…show…what we even doing here?!


Episode 08 is pure setup. Miorine and Co. settle on a company objective and a ridiculous promotional video gets made. Shaddiq is creeping around and clearly wants in on the action but his motivations are obviously impure. I’m not sure what’s even happening anymore and I wish the show had just been a ridiculous duel fest for the “Not-Rose Bride”.

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