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Gundam: The Witch from Mercury – Episode 06

Episode Synopsis:

For losing yet another duel, Guel is evicted from Jeturk’s student housing – meanwhile, Lady Prospera discovers that her former subordinate from Vanadis, Belmeria, is continuing pseudo-Gundam research from within Peil Technologies.

While marshalling her Earthian friends to cobble together a working thruster unit to compete with Elan in space, Suletta decides to demand as her stake that he tell her about himself, so as to better empathize and/or understand what has motivated his behavior so far.

It is revealed to the audience that the Elan we have been watching is actually the fourth in a series of surgically modified body doubles for a real Elan who secretly lives in Peil House. After Suletta and Aerial defeat this double and the Pharact, using a heretofore unseen EMP-style ability, the leaders of Peil house remove him from the public, presumably to be experimented upon and replaced by another spare.

Episode Review:

I continue to have questions.

The one that I suspect is going to be answered the most promptly is whether the new Elan copy (or perhaps the weirdo himself) is even going to bother trying to make good on the duel stake by feeding some story to Suletta to her apparent satisfaction. I could see this becoming the seed of a interesting covert investigation into what is actually going on because she’ll notice the discontinuity in personality. At the same time, how would the Dueling Committee even enforce such a vague and private interaction from a “legal” perspective? How hard can Peil House just blow her off but claim to have complied? Surely they have to feed her something, or they’d undermine trust in the already-ridiculous system.

Overall confidence on my end has been bleeding off ever since the Pharact was revealed to be killing its pilot, as Gundams do, and that this process appears to have gone unnoticed by everyone else at the front even during this episode’s duel with Aerial, which the entire Benerit Group is intently watching to determine whether it’s a Gundam. I suppose all that this really tells us is that Peil Technologies has developed a way to hide the data storms and the Permet flux from conventional sensors, but I don’t find this rationalization to be particularly satisfying, and I would have appreciated that it at least be acknowledged to the audience somehow.

With an eye to the future, now that we’ve already fought another Gundam – and won – where does the overt conflict in the show even go from here? How many other fully-built illegal war machines are just going to pop out of the woodwork? And how quickly can they be justified? It’s a good thing there’s a part 2 in the works already, because there are way too many threads to wrap up by year’s end, some of which haven’t even started being developed, but that just makes the escalation at this stage more questionable.


We spent the episode working on the Happy Birthday motif, but at what cost?

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