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Ya Boy Kongming! – Episode 12

Episode Synopsis:

At last, Eiko performs her new song, and it goes viral, netting her the 100,000 likes.  Afterwards, Azalea returns to their rock roots and impresses their producer with the genuine fans that come to enjoy the song. They agree to continue working together, but with the balance of power much more on the side of the girls than the producer.  Eiko and Kongming discuss how far they’ve come together, and how much is left to be done, as the show closes.

Episode Review:

A strong, fun, well-produced close to Ya Boy Kongming!  There’s less to discuss than usual, with so much of the episode’s runtime devoted to the music of Eiko and Azalea.  Not that I’m complaining at all, the music is great!

It’s good to see Azalea getting to return to making the music they want to, and between them and Kongming, convincing their producer to see them in a new light and continue to work with them.

There’s even some backstory for the producer, and of how he didn’t want the talent of Azalea buried due to lack of promotion.  It’s nice to see his thinking brought out into the open… and also to get to see what his own foray into music looked like.


See, here’s a guy that just needs his own Visual Prison-style show to promote his brand.

Overall, there’s not much more to say – I enjoyed the episode a lot, it wrapped everything up in a satisfying way, and we got to hear two new songs.  Good work, Kongming!


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