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Ya Boy Kongming! – Episode 08

Episode Synopsis:

Eiko continues singing on the street together with Nanami.  Kabetaijin returns to his home town and reconnects with the friend that got him into rapping. As the key day for the 100,000 Likes Project draws close, Eiko feels like she’s finally found her own sound.

Episode Review:

This episode, much like Episode 5, is a setup episode, but it does a much better job than 5 did at being entertaining on its own merits.  Rather than rehash Kabetaijin’s backstory four times, we instead watch Eiko improve at singing as Nanami teaches her, see the two girls grow closer together, and see Kabetaijin rediscovering why he began rapping in the first place.

Get ‘em, Eiko!
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What is particularly noteworthy is that the episode is good without featuring Kongming much at all – the other characters are standing on their own.  Certainly much of what’s happening is part of his plans, but it doesn’t feel like the character are being puppeteered by him, and are growing on their own terms.

In Eiko’s case those terms are mildly vengeance-flavored

I also want to call specific attention to the cool Eiko-Kabetaijin duet that happens during the episode.  I’m sure the creators felt, as I did, that the multiple repetitions of the one song that Eiko and Nanami are singing together were getting a little stale.  Changing things up with Kabetaijin’s improvised rap accompaniment was a great move.

Plus it lets you see this future duo y’know, actually singing together

I’m feeling positive on the show as it heads into the key moments of the 100,000 Likes Project… plus I’m excited to finally meet the competition.

Dun dun dunnnnn

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