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Aquatope of White Sand (18)

Episode Synopsis:

The aquarium decides to put on a facility-wide fish cosplay event, a suggestion that Maeda (the part-timer) made.  Maeda turns down planning the event because the aquarium is just a job to her and she’s not that interested.  Over the course of the episode, however, she warms to the idea of enjoying her job as she watches the other employees working passionately. 

Episode Review:

This was a fine episode of Aquatope – nothing big happens, but we get to see more of the day-to-day of the cast, and learn more about a side character.  Even if watching someone go from uninterested in their job to interested in their job isn’t exactly breaking new narrative ground.  I do want to highlight a quote that will probably feel relevant to many:

Some people just want to be able to afford food and don’t have the luxury of pursuing their dreams, OK?

Kukuru’s passion for fish is often fun or even inspiring to watch, but sometimes it’s a bit exhausting, so this was a nice callout.

A second quote to highlight is something I’ll be less kind about:

Who talks like that?  Did the aquarium find you in a ‘90s-anime-era cold sleep capsule?!  ARE YOU A ROBOT?!?  Usually the writing in Aquatope is pretty good, but this is just sad.  She’s like the “sad girl in snow” of blandness.  Get it together, Maeda.

Lastly, I always appreciate a show that takes good care of its side characters, and Udon just always seems to be doing well.


Honestly, I feel like I’d enjoy a show about Udon’s quest to get better at cooking and open her own restaurant.  Udon-chan’s Food Quest DX: Flavor no Rondo, anyone?

And now, your moment of Zen:

No context provided

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