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Aquatope of White Sand (06)

Episode Synopsis:

In order to draw in more customers, the aquarium staff works together with Udon to have a shaved ice stand, which works well.  Meanwhile, the newspaper and some of the visitors are commenting on the coming closure of the aquarium.

Episode Review:

It’s nice, in a show that’s set on a tropical island, to have an episode that really feels like you’re on vacation.  There’s a simple goal of drawing more customers by selling food, and then the rest of the episode is basically devoted to how the aquarium staff gets there.

Any day that you can speak this sentence, things are going well

There’s plenty of really good drama in this show, and a few interesting mysteries that I’m looking forward to, but for now let’s put all that aside and sell some shaved ice!

Perhaps this is also because this episode is more about Udon than it is about Kukuru or Fuuka.  While both of the main characters have a lot going on in their personal lives, Udon seems carefree, yet still energetic in pursuit of what she wants.  She’s also talented at seemingly everything she tries.  She’s an amazing artist:


She’s a great cook who’s already inventing her own dishes:

I want

She’s absurdly skilled at making complicated shaved ice treats with essentially no practice:

Wow that’s cute

It doesn’t hurt that she also gets the best facial expressions:

Basically, are we sure this show shouldn’t be about Udon instead? I don’t know if Kukuru and Fuuka really understand how lucky they are to have her as a friend.

Also of note this episode: Some really gorgeous background shots.  Here’s the highlight reel.

All in all, this was a great break from the more drama-heavy episodes leading up to it.  Also I totally want some shaved ice now.

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