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Rolling Review – Fruits Basket 2019 – S2 (01)

Episode Synopsis:

It’s almost summer break!  Despite the upcoming respite from school, the Yuki Fan Club is no less die hard.  Motoko Minagawa is determined to find out if there are any female students joining the student council.  She must crush them and keep prying hands off of her beloved prince!  Meanwhile, Yuki meets his subordinates and realizes that it’s going to be a very interesting year being student council president.



Well, to that I must respond with the only appropriate answer.


Episode 1 of the new season spins quite a few plates, but they are all moving with the same rhythm. We get the loveable antics of Shigure, Yuki and Kyo, along with the cinnamon role on legs that is Tohru. It’s all fun and fluff as we remind ourselves of where we’ve been, and what our characters have been through.

Kyo, you need more summer YOUTH!
Take a seat on the bench kid.  You don’t get to be a love interest until you show me that YOUTH!

Believe it or not, it’s Yuki and…his fan club that take center position in this idol dance.  To be specific, it’s the leader of the fan club, Motoko Minagawa.  Motoko is given some exploration as we look a little deeper beyond her “I’m so obsessed with Yuki, I could die” mentality.

She’s my creepy stalker giiirrrllll

I gotta hand it to Fruits Basket.  I did not expect the Yuki Fan Club to be anything other than comedy fodder. Not only does Motoko notice that Yuki has changed (and eventually admits that it’s for the better), but she notices the flaws in herself. She admits that she has wicked thoughts due to her obsession with Yuki and that all of them may not be founded. She also seems genuinely happy for Yuki and his new, more open personality.  I kind of don’t totally hate her now!  Good work show!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Speaking of “so obessessd with Yuki I could die”, let’s tune into the Student Council.

Oh my goodness…


Seriously you two….


Yuki gets a gander at the punks that are going to work under him in the council. There’s a mysterious Treasurer, who seems like she’s hiding something

Pictured above: Mysterious Backstory!

and then there’s this guy…

Picture above: Ugh, I can’t even…

Punk-ass McGee over here. This guy likes to take naps, leave all his work for other people to finish, and has little to no regard for how anyone feels about his antics. Does that remind you of someone?

You’re welcome

Overall, this episode was a comforting one. We ride the heels of Yuki changing for the better (and thankfully it has stuck), we get a little glimpse of everyone we know and love, and heck, we even learn a little something about the leader of the Yuki Fan Club. Good times.


This episode is bit scattered but it’s trying to ease you back in and introduce new elements all at once. It balances both about as well as a first episode can manage with a cast this large. I was surprised to find Motoko to be a bearable individual!  Way to make that happen, show!  I am looking forward to meeting the rest of the Sohma zodiac family members. The intro and outro tease the horse and the rooster, so I’m excited!


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