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Rolling Review – Houkago Saikoro Club (12)

Episode Synopsis:

Midori submits her game to the Bad Dwarf contest in America.  Emmy is set to visit her grandmother in Germany and is considering entering her board came into a designer critique (an editor).  Aya is contemplating her future (sort of…), and that leaves Miki, who feels scared because her best friends are all splitting apart.

Episode Review:

We’ve come to the end of Dice Club and I can only say that…I’m annoyed by this episode.

Oho!  It’s not for the reasons you think…

The episode’s focus here is Miki’s concern over her friends group being pulled apart by their separate ambitions.  Numerous life events threaten the delicate balance she’s built with her besties and I understand her fears.

Emmy and Midori are going to be in separate classes due their pursuit of the sciences.  Emmy’s off to Germany and is considering going back, post graduation, for full-time board game action!  Later in the episode, Midori ponders if she should go to America to further her board game making dream.

I’ll just briefly touch on Midori’s game getting rejected from the contest.  I’ve been amazed at how this show, which looks like it was made purely for adviewtainment, manages to capture real life scenarios and emotions surrounding board games and board game making.  Midori working hard and getting rejected, but not dejected (smooth vocaaaab) sealed that deal and I’m glad she’s still planning to work towards her dream.

Failure is never fun.  Keep trying Midori!!!  I’m rooting for you!

The game for this final episode is Toddles Bobbles, which looks hilarious to play with your creative friends.  You give names to monsters as you flip them face side up.  Then you have to yell out the names of previous monsters when they appear to claim a whole stack of cards.

From Left to Right – PuffLuff, Mochiboo, Curlela De-vil.  I know, my naming skills are amazing…

Miki buying Toddles Bobbles and then talking to herself for comfort was a logical throwback for her character.  She’s done such a good job coming out of her shell, but when faced with the idea of losing it all, she goes back to a comforting place mentally.  I like that the show really gets her character and doesn’t do something melodramatic, like having her curl up in a ball and classic-anime-girl cry herself to sleep.  She’s better written than handfuls of other big budget anime I’ve seen.

Don’t look so sad Miki…your character was written better than most anime girls.

Equally impressive is the fact that all of Miki’s friends immediately know that something’s off when they see a missed phone call or have a missed encounter.  They all rally together and play a part (yes, even the boys!) in making her feel not just better, but assured that she is loved and a cherished member of their group.  The whole meet up scenario made me feel warm and fuzzy, which is a testament to how much all these girls have grown on me.

Seriously though, this was so cute and touching.

All this sounded good, no?  Why would I be annoyed?!

It’s because I’ll miss these girls and I wanted to hear more of their stories.  Will Midori go to America?!  What is Emmy’s board game about?  What they heck is Aya going to do with her life?  Who’s going to give Miki more hugs?  Are the boys ever gonna confess to Aya and Miki respectively?!  Is Midori going to look good in a tuxedo when she marries Emmy (that Ladies and Gentleman episode was AMAZING, by the way)???


Aya, tell me the story of your flying squirrel!!

WHAT?!  How has this NEVER come up in the show before?

Dice Club…you weren’t meant to be this good, but I’m glad you were.  This show isn’t groundbreaking or anything, but it has been a pleasant romp every week and I’m definitely going to miss it.



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