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Rolling Review – Fruits Basket 2019 (10)

Episode Synopsis:

Valentines day is here and the Soma boys are fearing for their cursed lives!  There’s chocolates and double dates in the air!  Meanwhile, Tohru learns that Kyo’s dislike of Yuki runs deep and Shigure reveals himself to have ill intentions.  


[1]Hey Gallies!

What time is it?


What we gonna get?


How we gonna get em’?


[1] Note: This succession of phrases is from an episode of Teen Girl Squad; a creation of Homestar Runner.  I am not pretending to own any of it.

That’s right, it’s lovey dovey chocolate giving time on this episode of Fruits Basket!

The bulk of this episode’s interesting pieces involve emotional layering for some of our characters. Kyo’s dislike of Yuki gets hints of a deeper issue between them and Shigure’s true intentions come into the spotlight a bit.

I don’t have a ton to write about for this episode. The two conflits I mentioned above only get shown using CLAMP stype secrecy (aka “subtle hints, but we ain’t gonna tell you anything concrete until later yo” verbage).  The other chunk of this episode is devoted to double date action between Yuki/Tohru/Kyo/Kagura.

Tohru has to realize for the first time that she may be forcing oil and water together. There’s an element to Kyo and Yuki’s relationship that she and we the audience are missing. I felt for Kyo though, because it seems like even if he WANTED to bridge the gap with Yuki, he’s held back by something mentally painful. From Yuki’s end there’s a forced coldness due to the zodiac legend misunderstanding the family thrusts upon him. We saw this with Hatsuhara and now Kyo seems stuck in some similar mindset.

I DO wonder about that mysterious CLAMP-like foreshadowing!

The lion’s share of “subtle hint verbage” goes to Shigure. When he visits Hatori to (try and claim Tohru’s chocolate as his own) drop off chocolate, we get more about how he’s masterminding a lot behind the scenes. Everything from his kind attitude towards Tohru improving Yuki/Kyo relations, to his Dad-like demeanor, to even his smile are all part of a grand scheme to obtain…something. That something is worth throwing anyone under the bus for, and I’m uneasy about the sinister way Shigure talks about his housemates. Whatever he’s got up his sleeve, it can only spell pain for Tohru and since that girl is the anime equivalent of a cinnamon roll, I’m sure this is going to hurt me when it comes to light.

Shigure, I’m throwing you out as my side boy and placing you under arrest…
…for ill-intention scheming against a cinnamon roll

The show continues to look and feel really nice. I like it’s use of classic shoujo elements here and there, and sound even comes into play.  The double date sequences have some cute sound cues.  While Kagura and Kyo are interacting there’s shrill cat shrieks and boar grunts mixed into the background.  It made me laugh! There’s some cool metaphorical lighting that I want to mention. I know Akio is in shadow all the time because he’s still mysterious to us, but I love how it’s almost like he NEEDS to stay in that darkness from an emotional perspective as well. He’s surrounded by broken or ill intentioned caretakers that can still walk in the light, so how bad of a character is he that he’s eternally stuck in darkness?

Who let DNAngel in here?!
Ominous lighting…ACTIVATE!

Wow that was heavy. Now, for more important things like lovey dovey votapalooza: Friends, who has the fairest love of them all?!

Yuki and Tohru?


Kyo and Tohru?


Wrong and Wrong. The correct answer as always is…Hana, Uo and Tohru love.



This episode was a large setup so we can execute more plot later down the line. I’m concerned about what Shigure’s planning, and also convinced Hana already knows the plot of this story and keeps quiet for her own amusement. Due to this episode, I really…kind of want some chocolate….


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