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Rolling Review – Irozuku (03)

So Many Colors 03 -_00067.png

Episode Synopsis:

The recruitment drive for clubs to get new students is underway.  Hitomi goes to check out the Art & Photography Club, due to both her desire to see more of Yuito’s colorful art and the other members’ enthusiastic recruitment.  Very quickly, she finds herself as the model for an impromptu, magic-infused photo shoot event which ends in minor disaster when her inability to see colors lands her in the pool.  Despite this, she decides to join their club anyway.  Yuito has already figured out her colorblindness, but has agreed to keep it a secret and even works to help her cover it up.  Meanwhile, Hitomi has begun to start practicing her magic on her own.

Episode Review:

While very slow moving, the show has been an enjoyable watch so far.  The drama is as low-key as the stakes, but not having to focus on those lets the show concentrate on character interactions, very light humor, and a surprising and welcome amount of actual art.  While it seems clear that the lion’s share of screentime will be held by Hitomi, Yuito, and (my prediction) the soon-to-arrive Kohaku, the other characters, from Hitomi’s new family to the other club members, are given a decent amount of time to themselves.  Even if the other club members do seem to travel in a pack.

As mentioned, this episode has quite a bit of art to show off, from photographs to paintings, and it all looks appropriately art-y.

So Many Colors 03 -_00028.png

So Many Colors 03 -_00029.png

I’ll admit, I was a little annoyed when Hitomi picks up a paintbrush for the first time in her life and paints a still life of these plush rabbits…

So Many Colors 03 -_00022.png

…and it turns out like this:

So Many Colors 03 -_00027.png

She spends a bit afterwards apologizing for lack of talent, but for someone that had to paint, again, for the first time ever and also without being able to see any colors, either on the rabbits themselves or on the paint she was using, that came out way better than anything I’ve ever created.  That hurts a little, show.  *sniff*

We also get another taste of magic, a neat little scene where Hitomi is trying to levitate a cup.

So Many Colors 03 -_00009.png
We all gotta start somewhere.

When all she can manage is to knock the cup over, her great-grandmother tells her that a tool to use as a concentration focus should help.

So Many Colors 03 -_00013.png

So Many Colors 03 -_00015.png

Oh yeah, Pocky-wand!  Great-grandma, you’ve got the best teaching methods, I approve!  It’s cute, and exemplifies the show’s light, low-key approach to humor, which I’m enjoying.

On the other hand, it turns out that Hitomi is kind of whiny about the dumbest thing.

So Many Colors 03 -_00040.png

So Many Colors 03 -_00001.png
In the distant future, I’m sure they’ve developed a violin tiny enough to play a lament for your suffering, but here in the past you’re gonna have to suck it up

Like, I know it’s part of Hitomi learning to love this time period and the friends and activities she’ll enjoy, but seriously?  You’ve never had to carry anything that heavy, ever?  Future kids are spoiled, I tell you what!  Why, back in my day…

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