Rolling Review – Golden Kamuy (11)

Thank goodness.

Episode Synopsis:

Our protagonists begin making their way towards Asahikawa, and quickly find themselves in nearby Sapporo. They check into a hotel for the night, only to discover that the “proprietress” is actually one of the tattoo’d prisoners who is really into body modification, and wants a piece or two of them. Maneuvering through the Scooby-Doo-esque mansion eventually comes to a head with revelations and explosions. Also, Ushiyama is there.

Y’all ever play Clue?


As if in response to my commentary on episode 8, this episode actually contains both halves of a single sub-story. Probably the best job they’ve done so far of marrying mortal combat and juvenile humor, too. Progress is made on over-arching plots, with the rest of the team now regarding Ushiyama as a target, and with one more tattoo’s location locked down. I think we’re up to nine, now. It’s enough that one more set of twelve episodes could conceivably wrap things up (since we’re unsure how many tattoos are in Toshizou’s possession or if there are any other factions), but it’s more likely to go for three.


Par for the course. Nothing particularly noteworthy, but not plagued by most of the structural issues or cultural disconnects that have impeded my enjoyment of previous installments. The humor in the dialogue is a little low-brow for my tastes is all.

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