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Rolling Review – Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho (07)

Hinata is best ninja

Episode Synopsis:

The girls have arrived in Fremantle, and rejoined the Penguin Manju Go. As they situate themselves and help with final preparations, they begin to sense that the mission may not be entirely as it seems…


As slow as this show has been, this still felt like a pretty slow episode. Time now for petty nonsense with Brendan:

Don’t give up on those ordinal suffixes, Japan – as they say, 54rd time’s the charm
How dare you doubt me! The events of last episode wrapped up, like, yesterday!
I am the queen of telling when people are hiding something, and you are witnessing a hat trick!
That integral article though

I heard you say “sora” in your title drop here, Shirase. Well, think it. Or whatever. You were the one who said “uchuu” in the first episode, too – that wasn’t part of a title drop, but I thought it was implied.

…I officially have no idea what’s going on with those kanji.

I’ll get to this drama in a sec, but dang – whoever is doing the backgrounds for this show is on fire.
A lot of these look like they could be filtered photos, were it not for the too-convenient lighting.

I can’t shake the feeling that Nobue’s boyfriend convinced her to go to Antarctica so he could perform a super-long-distance break-up. And that seemed likely even before this incredibly ominous choice of voice-over:

Oh yeah – this is happening.

Is she too clingy? Is he cheating on her? This would be a dick move in any scenario, and, in an alternate universe, I could see this going very poorly for him. Sora Yori, though (or YoriMoi, or however we’re supposed to abbreviate it), seems like the kind of show that’d handle such a situation by taking the high road, which would probably involve Nobue re-forging herself in the [inaptly frigid] wilderness into a strong, independent woman who don’t need no man.

You say that…

In the space of “soon”, the girls record one of their segments, go on a supply run, trail some crew-members going out for… pre-game drinks(?), apparently go to bed –

Nap hard, girls – party’s in, like, an hour.

– and there’s still enough time for Shirase to have a moment with Gin before that welcome party actually happens.

Acerbic commentary plus intercepted food-snipe equals nomination for best five seconds of the episode.
Also: good to see the other woman from the Shinjuku chase again.

And don’t get me wrong – Shirase talking with Gin and introducing herself at the party are legitimately emotional scenes –

The lingering pause after this line really drives home the implication that most of the crew already knows who she is and why she’s here.

– but the emotional climax was undercut for me personally just a little bit by the song playing over it. I mean, it’s a good song – it’s just the same one that I listened to several times while reviewing the emotional climax of the last episode that I wrote up >_<

For real, though – this is still the show of the season. Tell your friends ~


This one’s a bit on the slow side, and the foreshadowing seems to be laid on a little thick – we might not know what Gin and Kanae’s secret plan is exactly, but I feel like we’ve gotten to know them well enough that we have an idea of where their ballpark is. However: the show is not slacking on drama, the banter and the visuals continue to be top notch, and we’ve got – if not Engrish per se – some delightfully questionable uses of our native language:

Take it easy, girls.
(I’m so sorry)

Antarctica hooooo


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3 comments on “Rolling Review – Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho (07)

  1. Nice catch with the “sora” vs. “uchuu” thing. Honestly, I kind of hate it when they spell a thing one way and pronounce it another. It’s like an inferior form of a pun. Maybe it’s just me though…😅
    I quite enjoyed this episode ☺


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