Rolling Review – Little Witch Academia (13)


Episode Synopsis:

The Samhain festival is here! After Akko’s trip to the Fountain of Polaris she is determined to do what she and she alone can do. This means that she is not interested in becoming ghost bowel excrement. Instead she riles Suzy and Lotte to help her with an elaborate plan that’s 100% friendship! Perhaps even the ever stoic Diana will be moved!!

Episode Review:

This is it people! The mid-season is here and we are ready for ultimate magic and ultimate FRIENDSHIP!!! Because Friendship is the real magic, ya know?!

This episode is a culmination of everything that Akko has achieved up until this point. The girl may be weird, but her magic has come a long way and she has a heart of gold that’s going to reinvigorate magic and show the world how fun it is!

The Samhain Festival gets underway and alumni witches from far and wide come for the spectacle. If you saw LWA: Enchanted Parade, you’ll notice that the introductory plot of that is stolen for this episode. Traditionally the Samhain Festival is…pretty darn lame…
It’s rooted too much in the traditions of old and features archaic magic from the dark ages like potion brewing and witch sacrifice.

The Witch Counsel is not amused

Akko, Lotte and Suzy are team “Sacrifice”, but Akko has a plan to spice things up!


Before we talk more about the episode, let’s look at the festivities of Luna Nova!

Well…I suppose Diana did say to…look sharp *snickers*
Ladies…what did you do to that statue?!
Uh….I’m just gonna…leave this image…right here….

Much of this episode is devoted to helping you the viewer understand once again how weird Akko is in the world of magic. If Diana is the one whose intense knowledge, study and devotion is going to bring magic back on the scene, Akko is opposite end of that spectrum. She doesn’t do anything by the book, and her desire to make everyone love magic and have fun is a direct rebellion against all that is traditional.  Akko also forces everyone to ask a vital question; WHY.  This single thought spurns Ursula-sensei into action to look up an old curse for the sacrifice event that hasn’t been questioned in ages.


Episode 13 is a lot of what made the original LWA a lot of fun to watch. Diana is fabulous and Akko, with assistance from Suzy and Lotte, does doofy stuff and makes everyone laugh. Her heartfelt attempts to do good result in something great happening, and there’s fantastic art direction and choreagraphy to go along with the whole package.

Join Team Akko for Epic Assists and
Epic Mushrooms

The critical piece here is that Akko is gaining more words for the staff and Diana is now coming to understand that skill and knowledge alone are not the only path to doing good things with magic. Heart is required and hers may not be strong enough for the job, so perhaps it’s time she shed her antagonistic stance with team Akko and joined forces.


Akko now posseses three magic words out of seven and we are on our way.  A fantastic episode indeed.  I continue to be excited for this how week after week.

Episode Summary:

Akko is finally coming along with her magic (but still kinda sucks) and she does something nobody but her could ever do at the Samhain festival. Even the stone faced Diana feels the force of her positive energy and might start coming around. Come on Diana! Be a gal pal!!  In other news, the final scene of the episode hints at a villian.  Oh no!

This episode was a full force action fest but injected a boatload of heart and set us up for the second half of the show. So exciting!!

Let’s end the midway point with a fabulous Diane shot!


and of course…more frienship….


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