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Podcasts – iTunes and Android

Hi All,

We’ve finally made the jump to Podcasting apps so you can listen to us on the go!

Note: All regular and Biweekly Podcasts have been moved to our hosting site and will no longer be featured on The Con Artists website.  This allows us to save storage space. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we hope you enjoy being able to listen to us on your mobile device!  Winter 2017 Biweekly Podcasts be featured on iTunes and Android only.

Apple Users


Open the Apple Podcast App:


Click on “Search” at the bottom and search for “The Con Artists”.  You’ll find our podcasts there with this logo:

Image result for itunes podcasts the con artists

Android Users:


We are hosted on Podbean so if you have that app you can search for “The Con Artists” directly.

PodBean Logo.png

If you are using any other podcast app you can find us by opening your app and adding our Podcast via our feed (  Our logo is the same as the one for Apple users.



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