Anime Game Sale

Do you know what everyone doesn’t need?  More games in their Steam library of course.  Well…too bad because Steam is having an Anime Game Sale right now!  It lasts until Monday so be sure to check it out!  Leave us a comment about what you buy!

I gave in to:

Fault: Milestone 1: A Visual Novel?!  Let’s see how this goes for me.

Fault Milestone 2: A Visual Novel Sequel?!  Sure, let’s do it.

Shantae and the Pirates Curse: Riskyboots!!  Hold up Bayonetta, Shantae was whipping her hair to defeat enemies before you strolled into town.

Machina of the Planet Tree – Planet Ruler –: Looks like it has old school Final Fantasy Combat and hopefully a cool story.  Seriously…look at that title.  How could I not buy this?


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