Rolling Review – The Heroic Legend of Arslan (04)

Narsus and Daryun
Daryun tries to “convince” his old friend

Episode Synopsis:

Having extricated themselves from the battlefield, Arslan and Daryun arrive at the secluded residence of Daryun’s friend Narsus. A former Parsian noble, Narsus has been living in exile for years as a hermit and amateur painter. We and Arslan learn of his entry and exit from the royal court, and of the origin of his retainer Elam. As a man who has devoted himself to his art, can Narsus be roused to defend the country that banished him, or must Arslan and Daryun continue their trek alone?

Episode Review:

I was pleased to find that this episode provides a breather from the stress-wracked battle from the previous two. Exposition is well-handled – Narsus provides a comfortable introduction for himself, and Elam’s handful of lines are delivered with curt precision. Production values remain high, and Arslan’s personal journey continues as he absorbs more of the world beyond the palace.

Plus, there’s a scene where such swift, beautiful justice is meted out to some deserving schmucks that I managed to shake my headphones off in celebratory glee.

Episode Summary:

So yeah – this episode was thoroughly enjoyed, and I’m looking forward to the next one.

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