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Planet With (Summer 2018) – Final Thoughts


The Con Artists rip a hole in Planet With wide enough to throw a hideous CG celestial space dragon into.  I bet that piqued your interest, right?!

Planet With had a unique start and some of the coolest ideas we’ve seen in a while (well okay, most of them were ripped off from Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End but they had some original pieces in there). Unfortunately it failed to execute on most of these cool ideas.  It also boasted some spectacularly ugly CG that Su just wasn’t going to deal with.  Find out where this show went wrong as we discuss the bad, the bad, a hint of good, and mostly…the bad.

As a side note, the Con Artists wish you well Jenkins.  May you punch The Suit out of your studio and be able to write the show you always wanted next time.

3 comments on “Planet With (Summer 2018) – Final Thoughts

  1. Some Guy Named Gabbo

    I find this to be a shame. I imagine executive meddling and time constraints hit this rather hard as you said since the author’s other works clearly show he can write an effective story. This probably lowers the odds considerably of seeing an anime adaption of Biscuit Hammer or Spirit Ring, both of which I found to be thoroughly enjoyable.


    • Thanks for listening and commenting!!! Out of Biscuit Hammer and Spirit Ring, which one is most worth checking out?! There were such strange tonal shifts in this show that I wouldn’t be surprised if there really was some meddling to get this show to be “more appealing”, or some such nonsense. Too bad…


      • Some Guy Named Gabbo

        Overall, I’m going to have to go with Biscuit Hammer over Spirit Ring. I think it has a better ratio of light/serious scenes and a wider array of characters and personalities to play with. On the other hand, I think Spirit Ring’s plot had a bit of a tighter execution, but that is probably because there were fewer characters to focus on and flesh out.


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