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Made in Abyss – Final Thoughts

Look over there! It’s a truck, it’s a train…no…wait…

It’s a Bulldozer for your feelings…

Made in Abyss is a hidden gem from the Summer of 2017. The Con Artists discuss how much we loved it and why it was such a great Rolling Review choice. It nails the art, music, worldbuilding, and characters. Even Dan can’t complain about this show! Do you even understand how rare that is?!

Listen in to hear our thoughts on this great show.

1 comment on “Made in Abyss – Final Thoughts

  1. Some Guy Named Gabbo

    I finally saw this, thanks to you guys (I didn’t read any of the reviews beforehand). I will say that it was as amazing as you said it was, but with so much to comment on I feel like one thing was overlooked. Riko and Reg kept losing things, specifically things tied to the Abyss. First was the compass, then Riko’s journal with Lyza’s notes, and lastly was the Blaze Reap. There seemed to be a lot of emphasis on each item before being unceremoniously lost, especially since the absence of each item doesn’t seem to cause any hinderance (except maybe the Blaze Reap, but that’s too early to tell). Each item also had some connection to the Abyss, two being items excavated from it while the journal was a collection of knowledge specific to the Abyss. To me, the significance of these being lost seems to be the Abyss taking back what belongs to it, as in what comes from the Abyss must also return to it. This also tends toward some grim foreshadowing concerning each of our young adventurers.


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